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center: uses height and size to score (on offense), to protect the basket closely (on defense), or to rebound.

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Q: What do centers do in basketball?
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Do centers usually get benched in basketball?


Where can play basketball?

you can play basketball on a basketball hoop near a park or usually inside of recreation centers

How many centers In d1 basketball are 6'3?


What sports have a center as a player?

American football, ice hockey and basketball are a few sports which have centers as players.

How are centers and forwards the same in basketball?

No, a center is one position in basketball. There are two forwards (small and power) and two guards for a total of five players on each team.

How many centers are on a basketball team?

there is only one center playing on court. its usually the tallest person on the team.

How many centers are on court in basketball at a time?

Usually, there is only one, but I believe there can be more if the coach thinks its a good strategy.

Where can you participate in basketball outside of school?

Lots of places. Parks, outside of elementary schools, recreation centers, and outside your own house if you get a goal. Also recreation centers usually are the people to go to to find outside of school teams if that's what you mean. They should have lists of teams to join anything, baseball, basketball, football, anything

What is an example of a center in basketball?

the center stands in the middle of the key, in front of the hoop People who have been centers: Wilt Chamberlain, Shaquille O'Neal

Are there any YMCA fitness centers in the Florence Alabama area?

Yes, there are 3 YMCA centers in Florence, Alabama. Each offers varying programs and facilities such as weight rooms, yoga studio, track, basketball courts, etc.

What athletes wear number 50?

In basketball, 50 is often worn by centers. In football, 50 may be worn by offensive or defensive linemen and linebackers.

What are all the positions in a basketball game?

posts(centers), guards(wings) and points... usually there is 2 posts, 2 guards, and 1 point in at a time

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