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In my opinion, anything that doesn't involve you throwing up from eating too much of it, or anything that doesn't have so much caffeine or sugar, you feel like an electric toaster. Try eating some fruits or veggies, maybe something with vitamin C? I would also recommend milk, 1% or lower. It helps build strong bones, and studies prove that milk refreshes you more than water.

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eat bannanas

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Q: What do basketball players do to stay healthy?
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How do basketball players stay healthy?

Basketball players most likely stay healthy by eating a healthy diet, frequent exercise, and constantly regularly their vitals. Also, they strive to minimize stress in their lives, and avoid high risk behavior.

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What do basketball players eat to have a healthy diet?

Basketball players must maintain a healthy diet to keep up with the expectations of their job. They are subjected to rigorous training that burns many calories, as well as depletes their bodies of nutrients. A healthy diet and lifestyle are essential to ones health when having such a physically demanding career.

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