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Common (Base) Basketball cards have a picture of the player, his name, team, set and sometime position or jersey number. On the back normally features a small picture of the player, a short biography, season statistics for the most recent years, card number and set. If the card is shortprinted, it will have a machine stamped serial number on the front or back of the card.

If the card is a memorabilia card, it will feature a picture of the player(s), a swatch of the memorabilia(jersey, ball etc.), and set name. On the back of the card, the company will accredit and validate the card. Also on the front or back of the card may feature a machine stamped serial number. If the card is an autograph card, it will feature a picture of the player(s) and either an on card autograph in sharpie pen, or a sticker autograph which the player signed on a clear sticker and placed on the card by the company. The back of the card will feature accreditation by the company. Also the front or back of the card may have a serial number stamped on it.

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Baseball players pictures and statistics The baseball player, the brand, the statistics, and whoever the players name may be.

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Q: What do basketball cards have on them?
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