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They (1) describe what is happening on the field, (2) point out any reasons for added drama (standings, records, streaks, feuds), (3) discuss off-field issues (injuries, trades), or (4) talk about nothing.

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When the game starts Sports announcer should announce "Ladies And Gentlemen may i have the attention of the people sitting here."

Then you should try to impress people by deliviring some phrases and some different idioms.

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Q: What do baseball sportscasters say during the game?
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When sportscasters say Here's the kick and the pitch what do they mean exactly?

When a baseball commentator refers to a pitchers making "the kick and the pitch" he/she is talking about the delivery of the ball. Usually a pitcher pulls his leg up high and close to the body and then steps, or kicks out toward home plate as he releases to ball to gain force behind the pitch.

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