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Q: What do badminton players wear?
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What the badminton players have to wear when they are playing?


What color clothes do badminton players wear?

preferably white..

What equipment must the players wear in badminton?

they wear shoes, mankinnies ans socks (not Michael Jackson ones though)

Materials in badminton?

a shuttlecock, a badminton racket, and the players

What are the names of famous players of badminton?

information about badminton

Why do badminton umpire wear these clothes?

because it highlights that they are in charge of the game . It also makes them stand out from the players!

What are the players called in badminton?

badmintion players

What do badminton players have to wear?

a top, shoes, socks, pants, bra (optional), shots, skort, leggings, jumper, hairband :)

How many players are in a badminton?

there are 2 or 4 players in badminton or it's called as singles and doubles in singles is 2 players only and in doubles is 4

What is defending in badminton?

when defending in badminton players usually play side by side when attacking players play front and back

What equipment must the players have in badminton?

The players must have a shuttlecock and racquets.

What do badminton officials wear?

they wear bows and mows

How many players are in the badminton team?

badminton is played like tennis,singles or doubles

How many players are there in a badminton?

Badminton is played like tennis...... either singles or doubles

How much do badminton players get paid?

Not on your Nelly

Who is the best filipino badminton players?


What do linemen wear in badminton?


Who is the top 3 players of badminton?

The top 3 top badminton players now is Lin Dan,Lee Chong wei and Peter Gade.

How many players are involoved in badminton?

2 - 4

In which sports do players use a racket?

tennis and badminton

Who are the famous badminton players in the Philippines?

David G

How far do badminton players run in a game?


How many players are needed for badminton?

Singles or doubles.

Who are the best badminton players in the Philippines?

Jessa busa

How many players have played in badminton?

five members