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the official sucks off the team players duri ng the game. Then after the game the players all suck off the official :) have a nice day!

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Q: What do badminton officials do during and after the game?
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What are officials in badminton?

Officials are basically referees. There are usually 6 officials in a badminton game.

How many officials are needed in a badminton game?

there are 4 different officials in badminton

Give the duties and responsibilities of the officials of badminton?

they officiating a badminton game..

How many officials are involved in a game of badminton?


How do officials control a game of badminton?

they do it by eating egg

What are job responsibilities of Badminton officials and why in the game of Badminton?

Officials call if a bird is out of bounds, to keep score, make sure players follow rules and make sure serves are legal.

Who are the different officials in badminton?


How many officials are there in badminton?

There is only one official in badminton.

How many badminton officials are there?

There is only one official in Badminton.

How many officials are on the field during a game in football?

There are seven officials on the field during a football game.

How many officials are on the field during an NFL football game?

There are seven officials during a NFL game

How officials communicate in badminton?

they have rabees

What do the 6 officials do in badminton?

In badminton all of the 6 officials all sit on the side and have a wank or bum each other

Who are the Officiating officials in badminton?

during badminton tournaments, there are a total of 6 officials officiating the game: an umpire, a service judge, and 4 linesmen (2 for each side of the court positioned at the baseline) . however, during doubles finals of the tournament, another 2 linesmen are sometimes added (one for each side of the court positioned at the doubles service line).

What are the names of the officials used in badminton?


How many officials in badminton?

ther is 5

What equipment do Officials in Badminton need?

the clipboard

Do officials in badminton where set uniforms?


Who is the officials in badminton?

Line Judges and Referee

Where do the officials stand in Badminton?

To the side of the court.

Who are the officials of the game of hockey?

The officials vary, but there are two referees and two linesman during a hockey game.

How many officials are on the ice during a hockey game?

during a nhl game there are 4

What do badminton officials wear?

they wear bows and mows

Responsibilities and duties of the officials an badminton?

hahaha nor

How many officials are in soccer and badminton?

There's 10 Officials referee linesman x2 timekeeper