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It obviously depends what level but you usually start on about £500 - £1000 per fight and depending how successful you are the money should improve.

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Q: What do average professional boxers make?
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What do professional boxers eat?

Professional Boxers usually eat the type of foods that are.. *Carbohydrates *Proteins *Fats *Waters

How much does a professional male boxer get paid a year?

In reality, most professional boxers do not make very much money. Only the top athletes ever make a large salary in the sport. Most pro boxers make less than $30,000 per year.

Why are Koreans stopped from professional boxing?

There are South Korean professional boxers.

List of black professional boxers from in new york?

Two black professional boxers from New York are Sugar Ray Leonard and Larry Holmes. Also, Laila Ali and Marvelous Marvin Hagler are professional African American boxers from NY.

How do professional boxers use math?

They dont.........

Can professional boxers compete in the Olympics?

Technically no. The Olympics are for "amateur" atheletes, those who do not make their livelyhood by the sport they compete in.

How old are professional boxers?

about 35 years old

How many women are professional boxers?

accuracy of 30

Why don't Cuban amateur boxers go professional?

Professional boxing is illegal in Cuba. Professional boxing is illegal in Cuba.

How many professional female boxers are there to date?

there are 86 in america.

Do professional boxers need to register their hands?

No. It's a myth.

What professional sport pays the most money?

Basketball players and Boxers Basketball player can make up to 40 million a year and boxers on the other hand can earn more than a few million a fight.

What classification is a 159 pound boxer?

Professional male boxers weighing in at 159 lbs. are classified in the super welterweight or junior middleweight. Professional female boxers weighing in at 159 lbs. are classified as light middleweight.

How many boxers die a year?

On average five boxers die each year. Five hundred boxers have died in the last one hundred years.

What weight gloves do heavyweight boxers wear in a professional bout?

10 oz

How much does the average professional sports player make?


What is the average salary for a professional soocer player make?

they make1$

List all boxers last name o'brien between 1930-1950?

see - there is a list of all professional boxers back to 1909

How much do professional boxers make a month?

Boxers who fight professionaly or any boxer that fights for a living doesn't make money on a monthly basis. There are some inverstors who pay fighters to train in a certian area or with a specific trainer. To answer your question 90 percent licensed boxers get paid on a fight to fight basis. If you fight twice a year you get paid twice a year. hope this helps

Why are boxer bogs called boxers?

Boxer dogs got the name boxers because they use their front paws just like professional boxers do. they stand on their back feet and and jump hitting the object with their front feet and then will continue to hit. this is normally done when the dog is excited or threatened. There are other theories as to why boxers are called "Boxers"

How tall do you have to be to be in professional boxing?

There are no height restrictions in boxing. Boxers are separated by weight class.

How much do professional basketball coaches make?

The professional basketball coaches make an average of $3.4 million per year. There are professional coaches in the USA who earn more than this.

How much money does the average professional athlete make in a year?

There is no such thing as an "average" pro athlete.

What is the average price to make a professional pop music video?

The average price to make a professional pop music video is about $100,000 dollars. They can run lower or higher depending on how long the video is.

What kind of boxers does john cena wear?

John Cena is an actor as well as a professional wrestler. He made his wrestling debut in 1999 but the type of boxers he wears are not known.