What do athletes win?

Updated: 12/5/2022
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Q: What do athletes win?
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How many athletes are competing?

14500 athletes are competing to win the gold medals!

What do athletes get when they win?

an Gold Medal

What award did the ancient athletes win?

A head wreath.

Why do athletes take part in the Olympics?

Because they can win medals!

What do modern day Olympic athletes sacrifice if they do not win?

Their lives

What are the special steps athletes do to win?

train like hell

Who said Let me win. But if I cannot win let me brave the attempt?

It is the Athletes oath from the Special Olympics

Does the country get anything if you win gold?

The country that has athletes that win gold gets pride. There is nothing else.

Who are the people that win gold medals in the Olympics?

The 1st place athletes

What French athletes are hoping to win medals this year?

Presumably, all of them.

How many countries pay their athletes to win a gold medal in the Olympics?


Do Canadian olympic athletes receive cash when they win gold medal?