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Q: What do Sports Medicine Doctors wear?
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Who do sports medicine doctors work on?

People with sports injuries

What are sports medicine doctors working conditions?

Sports medicine doctors work in clinical conditions. The conditions are often clean and friendly. They can also work in sports stadiums and other areas.

What are sports medicine doctors?

Sports Medicine Doctors are just what it says. They deal with sports injuries. Some perform therapy on injured legs, etc., and tend to open wounds, sprains, etc.

What is sports medicine, and how do you get a degree in sports medicine?

Sports medicine is centered around athletes. Any job related to sports medicine is going to be usually locker room physicians or doctors specializing in sports injuries of many different natures.

How much does physical therapy sports medicine doctors make?

Their is no such thing as a "physical therapy sports medicine doctor". One or the other. Physical therapist or sports medicine doctor.

How many hours do sports medicine doctors work?

Sports medicine doctors typically work anywhere from eight to ten hours per day. They also sometimes work Saturdays and Sundays.

What does a sport doctor do?

A primary care sports medicine doctor is a leader in the field of sports medicine. Either through advanced fellowship training or through years of clinical experience, a primary care sports medicine doctor has learned the skills to take care of athletes of all ages, sports, and levels of competition. Primary care sports medicine doctors often serve as team doctors to professional sports teams or are personal doctors to elite-level athletes.

How long do sports medicine doctors have to go to college for?

2 years after highschool

Do sports medicine doctors get paid on overtime?

Possibly. However, doctors typically bill based on services, not on time spent.

What is the difference between athletic training and Sports Medicine?

Sports Medicine is a broader field that includes athletic trainers as well as sports medicine doctors and specialists. An athletic trainer works with the athlete as to prevent, manage and treat athletic injuries under the supervision of a sports medicine doctor or specialist.

What is a rapidly growing field of orthopedic surgery?

A rapidly growing area of orthopedics is sports medicine, and many sports medicine doctors are board certified in orthopedic surgery.

What is a job market like for sports medicine doctor?

Terrible. Recent uprises in 2014 show that 30% more people are becoming Sports Medicine Doctors. If you choose this career prepare for competition.

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