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Serena Williams's sister, Venus Williams, plays tennis.

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Q: What do Serena Williams sisters do?
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Is Serena and Venus' sisters?

Yes, Serena Williams and Venus Williams are sisters

Who is Williams Sisters?

Serena Williams.

Who is Williams Sisters's sister?

Serena Williams.

Who are Serena Williams's Sisters?

I don't know the Williams

Are Serena Williams and Wendy Williams sisters?


What are Venus Williams sisters names?

Her sister is Serena Williams

What is Venus Williams step sisters name?

Serena Williams

Does Serena Williams sisters have kenyan blood?


Are Serena and Venus Williams sisters?


How many sisters dose Serena Williams have?

one venus Williams

How many siblings does Serena Williams have?

four sisters

Did one of Serena Williams sisters die?


Do the Serena and Venus Williams have brothers?

No only sisters

Venus and Serena Williams family members?


What do Serena Williams sisters play or do?

they played tennis

Does Williams Sisters have a sister?

Yes, her sister is Serena.

Is Lyndrea and Isha Price Serena Williams sisters?

Lyndrea and Isha Price are in fact the older sisters of Venus and Serena Williams, the professional tennis players.

Are Serena Williams sisters older or younger then her?

Serena Williams was born September 26, 1981. Venus Williams was born June 17, 1980.

Sisters Venus and Serena Williams are profetionals at what sport?


Who are venus William's older sisters names?

Serena Williams

Who are two sisters that play tennis show all?

Venus Williams and Serena Williams.

What are the names of Serena Williams's sisters?

* Lyndrea * Isha * Yetunde * Venus

Exactly how many sisters does Serena Williams have?

she has 4 sisters one of them passed away alreasy...

What was Venus Williams sisters names?

Her sister name is Serena Williams and she also plays tennis.

Which two sisters were the first to compete against each other at the Wimbledon?

The Williams sisters, Venus and Serena.