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They will wear a "Uniform", the 2010 Vancouver games uniform was designed by Burton...

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Q: What do Olympic snowboarders wear when snowboarding?
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What do snowboarders wear?

snowboarders wear warm clothing such as: snowboard jacket, fleece turtlenecks, snowboard pants, snowboard gloves, snowboarding socks and snowboard helmets and goggles.

Why is snowboarding popular?

It is so popular because a lot of people snowboard. Also there are a lot of people in the Olympic games that are snowboarders. People also like snowboarding because they make you feel "cool."

What is more popular skiing or snowboarding?

Skiing is still more popular than snowboarding because of the simple reason skiing is easier to learn at first. Snowboarders are gaining and there are some days where snowboarders out number skiers on the slopes.

What are boxes and rails for snowboarding?

Boxes and rails are placed in snowboard parks snowboarders are sliding them.

What year did snowboarding become an Olympic event?

Snowboarding became an Olympic event in 1998.

Who are the top 10 Olympic snowboarders of the world?


What benefits do professional snowboarders receive?

you can be very skilled in snowboarding and be very rich with a fun job

When did snowboarding make its first olympic appearance?

Snowboarding made its first olympic appearance in the 1998 winter olympics

Are there more professional women snowboarders or male snowboarders?

Snowboarding has traditionally been dominated by male participants. In recent years, there has been a shift towards more women engaging in the sport.

Where was snowboarding started?

Snowboarding was started in the USA in the 1960s and was an Olympic sport in 1968.

How many people in New zealand have gone snowboarding?

Snowboarders would number the tens of thousands each year.

What are the three olympic snowboarding events called?

The three olympic snowboarding events are: snowboard cross, halfpipe, and parallel giant slalom.

Which of these is the newest Winter Olympic sport?


What equipment do you need for Olympic snowboarding?

a snowboard

What kind of sport is a winter Olympic game?


Did any olympic sports originate in the US?


Where did snowboarding make its Olympic debut?

Nagano, Japan

What does the term SSX Tricky mean?

SSX Tricky is a snowboarding term. It describes one of the 'moves' used by snowboarders. SSX Tricky has also become the name of a popular snowboarding game in the SSX series.

Was skiing or snowboarding more popular in 2008?

Skiing is more popular for the simple fact that its easier to learn. Snowboarding is gaining in popularity every year and some days there are more snowboarders on the slopes that skiers.

Who is the word snowboarding champion?

Because snowboarding can be done in so many different ways, there is and may never be a world snowboarding champion. Some snowboarders dominate the type of snowboarding they do. For example, Simon Chamberlain seems to be the best street snowboarder, but my guess is that he isn't very good at downhill racing because of his time spent street snowboarding.

What essential safety item should all snowboarders wear?

A helmet

What sport did chris klug win his olympic medal?


Is snowboarding an event of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games?


In what winter olympic games did they add snowboarding?

Nagano 1998

What are 3 olympic winter sports?

Snowboarding hockey skiing