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They simply hold it in, before the race the drivers usually take care of that.

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Q: What do Nascar drivers do if they have to use the restroom during a race?
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How do NASCAR racers urinate?

NASCAR drivers go to the restroom before a race begins so they don't have to go during the race, if they do have to go during the race they'll will just have to wait until after the race is over to go. They won't just stop racing to use the restroom because they're racing for their paycheck.

Do Nascar drivers wear diapers during the race?

No they do not.

How do NASCAR drivers drink during a race?

Most Nascar drivers have a straw to the right of them, or inside their helmet. Mostly they drink water or their sponsors drink.

How many people drive in an official NASCAR race?

In a Nascar Cup and Nationwide Series race there are 43 drivers. In a Nascar Truck Series race there are 36 starting drivers.

How many drivers start in a Nascar Sprint Cup race?

There are 43 drivers that start a Nascar Cup Series race.

Why do NASCAR drivers race in NASCAR?

Because it's how they earn their living

How many drivers compete in each Nascar race?

In the Nascar Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series, 43 drivers compete in each race. In the Nascar Camping World Truck Series there are 36 drivers.

How many drivers are in one Nascar Sprint Cup Series race?

43 drivers are in one Nascar Sprint Cup Series race.

Do Nascar drivers need a license to drive?

No, they do not need a drivers license to drive a NASCAR race car.

What were the most drivers in a NASCAR race?

The most drivers who could race in a NASCAR race is 43 right now. But back in the 40's and 50's it was about 60.

Why do Nascar drivers have their visors down during a race?

Nascar drivers generally have the helmet visor down during day races, in order to reduce the sun's glare. This gives the driver better visibility.

How many drivers are in a Nascar Sprint Cup race?

There are 43 positions in a Nascar Sprint Cup race.

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