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I'm assuming you mean Liverpool FC (Football Club). I just did a quick Google Search for you and found this link if it's any help at all.

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Q: What do Liverpool do for charity?
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How many charity shield cups have Liverpool won?


How many time Liverpool football club won charity shield?

Liverpool have won it 15 times (5 times out these it was shared)

Who has played more times at wembley Liverpool or everton?

Liverpool obviously, including FA Cup, League Cup and Charity shield and European cup Liverpool 37, Everton 23 including this years finals.

Why did Sunderland not play in 1973 charity shield?

Sunderland won the 1973 FA Cup to set up a date with Liverpool, the League Champions, in the Charity Shield. However Liverpool decljned to play Sunderland. Without Liverpool as opponents Sunderland decided not to play at all. This left that years Charity Shield match to be competed for by Manchester City who had won the competition in 1972 and Burnley who were the 2nd Division champions. It was mooted that the reason Liverpool declined to play Sunderland was due to the humiliation heaped upon Leeds United when they were defeated by Sunderland in the F A Cup final. Quite simply, they didn't want a repeat episode.

How do you book Liverpool fc legends for charity event?

You will need to get in contact with their agents, through a sports agency. That will require a bit of research to find out who they are with.

Which is furthest West Bristol or Liverpool?

Liverpool and Liverpool is a football team with Steven Gerard as Captain

Who are better Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea or Liverpool?

Liverpool! Liverpool! Liverpool!

What is furthest west Liverpool Edinburgh Carlisle or Bristol?


What is the address of the Liverpool arena?

Liverpool arena is a soccer stadium in Liverpool. The address is King's Dock, Liverpool Waterfront, Liverpool. The entire sports complex is ACC Liverpool.

Which player will be the surprise of the EPL in 2007?


Everton or Liverpool?


Where do liverpool train?

in liverpool

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