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Q: What do Hindus think about blood sport?
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Do you people think UFC is a blood sport?

I do MMA and I gotta say no, but it can be tho.

In which sport do you have a blood bin?

In which sport do you have a "blood bin".

Why do Hindus play ragas?

I wonder why Hindus play ragas. i think it is close to the word reggae.

How many hindus are there in Australia?

There is 7 i think

What did the hindus believe about the world we live in?

that we should marrie are blood type

What river is scard in India to the Hindus?

The Ganges I think

Why to hindus think mecca is sacred?

They don't. That is Islam.

How the hindus thought the world was made?

they think god created it...

Who are the main gods of Hindus?

i think brahma vishnu and mahesh

The Vedas contain information about which people?

i think the answer is Aryans or Hindus

What type of clothing do hindus wear?

i think they wear silk

What do hindus think of surrogacy?

Hinus dont support surrogacy