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Gene Upshaw, the president of the NFLPA (National Football League Players' Association)

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Q: What do GU mean on nfl players jersey?
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What does the GU stand for on a MLB jersey?

GU is actually on NFL uniforms, and are the initials of the late Gene Upshaw. The players union president who died this past offseason.

What does GU emblem on NFL jersey stand for?

Gene Upshaw

What does gu mean on NFL helmets?

In honor to NFL Players union president Gene Upshaw, who passed away earlier this year.

What does the GU mean NFL?

Gene Upshaw

What does gu stand for on NFL helmet?

Gene Upshaw, the recently deceased NFL Hall of Famer and president of the NFL Players Association

Why is there a GU on NFL jerseys?

It stands for Gene Upshaw, president of the NFL Players Association, who died just before the season.

What is GU at the Pats game?

The GU sticker on the helmets acknowledges the passing of Gene Upshaw, a former NFL player and head of the Players Union.

What does the GU mean on the NFL jerseys this season?

It is for the late Gene Upshaw

What is the GU for on professional football uniforms?

Gene Upshaw was the head of the NFL Players Union. He's dead now.

What is GU on football helmets?

The GU stands for Gene Upshaw's initials. Gene Upshaw was the Exectutive director of the NFL players association. Gene died August 20 2008.

What does GU on The Steelers helmet stand for?

Gene Upshaw - He was the executive director of the NFL Players' Association. He died last year.

What does GU stand for on the left rear side of NFL helmets?

The GU is a tribute to Gerald Underthal the 15 year Oakland Raider hall-fame guard (#63) and player union executive director who passed away in August, 2008. The GU is for Gene Upshaw. All the players in the NFL wore them.

What is the GU on packers jerseys for?

The Union that represents the NFL Players was lead by a former player named Gene Upshaw. A few months ago Gene Upshaw passed away after being diagnosed with cancer only days before his death. The GU is worn on every uniform for every NFL team throughout this season in a tribute to him. His popularity with the NFL players was strained in recent times, but the players seemed to respect his service to the NFL, and obviously mourned his passing. He was an important figure in the advancement of players rights.

Why do the New England Patriots wear GU on their uniforms?

The GU patch is worn by every team in the NFL. It honors the memory and contributions that Gene Upshaw made to the NFL, both as a player and as head of the NFL Players Association as Executive Director. Gene Upshaw passed away August 20, 2008.

What is the GU painted on 50 yard line at Gillette stadium?

The GU on the field was placed there in honor of former player and head of the NFL Players Union President Gene Upshaw, who passed away in 2008.

What is GU on NFL helment?

Gene Upshaw

What does the GU stand for on the football jersey?

Gene Upshaw.

Why do the NFL jerseys had GU on them?

NFL players wore the initials GU to honor Gene Upshaw, former Oakland Raiders player and Hall of Fame member. He was the executive director of the NFL Player's Association when he passed away on August 20, 2008. Every player in the league wore his initials on their helmets throughout the 2008 season.

What is the significance of the GU on football helmets?

It is for Gene Upshaw, a former player and president of the NFLPA. He is credited with doing a great deal for NFL players. He died earlier this year.

What does the GU patch on NFL jerseys stand for?

Gene Upshaw.

What does the medical abbreviation GU mean?

GU stands for genitourinary.

What does the GU sticker on the helmets represent in the NFL?

GU stands for Gene Upshaw, he was head of the player's union and retired NFL player. He passed away just before this season started.

What does the GU on the NFL helmets stand?

GU stands for Gene Upshaw a hall of fame linbacker who played for the raiders he passed away.

What does gu on NFL helmet mean?

Gene Upshaw, 15 year member of the Oakland Raiders, Hall Of famer died August 2008

Why is there a GU on the back of the NFL football helmets?

In 2008 the NFL placed the "GU" decals on the back of each player's helmet in honor of Gene Upshaw, a retired player and the head of the NFLPA who passed on recently.