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ERA: Earned run average (a measure of runs a pitcher allows in a nine inning game) BB: Base on balls (receiving four balls and advancing to first base) W: Win SB: Stolen base AVG: Average (a statistic that measures a pitcher's ability to prevent base hits / a measure of batting ability) HR: Home Run R: Runs scored

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Q: What do ERA BB W SB AVG HR and R mean in baseball stats?
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What does ERA in baseball mean?

Earned Run Average

What does era mean in baseball?

Earned Run Average

What does era mean in softball stats?

earned runs average

In baseball what does ERA mean?

ERA is the abbreviation for Earned Run Average. ERA is calculated on a per-9-inning basis, so if you give up 2 earned runs in 3 innings, then your ERA is 6.00.

What is a good era for baseball?

The lower the era, the better it is.

What does ERA mean in Mexico?

Era (the same)

What does era mean in English?

era is spanish for was.

What is a era in baseball?

The ERA in baseball stands for Earned Run Average which is the average amount of runs given up by a pitcher per game. For example a 1.98 ERA is amazing but a 6.10 ERA is terrible. The lower your ERA the better.

What does the abbreviation era stand for in baseball?

ERA= Earned Run Average.

What does mesozioc era mean?

" Middle Animal " era.

What was a name for the 1920s baseball era?

Many historians call the period of baseball starting in 1920 the Live Ball Era.

How long will it take to get to the year 300?

The year 300 has already passed. Unless you mean an era other than the Christian era.The year 300 has already passed. Unless you mean an era other than the Christian era.The year 300 has already passed. Unless you mean an era other than the Christian era.The year 300 has already passed. Unless you mean an era other than the Christian era.

What does Vlsi era mean?

VLSI Era:- Very Large Scale Integration Era

What is considered as the modern era in Major League Baseball?

The era in which baseball has become a lot more challenging to teams to win a pennant (world series). I'm not sure but it can also mean the era in which baseball has been more technological, in terms of keeping statistics, comparing players ballclubs. Also, when almost every pitcher throws faster than 90 miles per hours.

What is better a high ERA or a lower ERA?

Low ERA is better - Means less Earned runs by a pitcher in Baseball

What does era stand for on a baseball card?

ERA stands for a pitcher's earned run average.

What does Earned Run Average mean as in baseball?

ERA is the average number of earned runs a pitcher allows per nine innings pitched.

Who has the record for the lowest era?

C.C Sabathia has the lowest era in the history of baseball. In 2009 his first year with the Yankees his era was .53.

What is the worst era for a pitcher in baseball?

I think it was Carlos Zambrano with the Cubs in 2001 it was 15.26 ERA

What sabermetrics stats are mentioned in Moneyball?

OPS and ERA+.

What baseball stats does Siera calculate?

SIERA stands for the Skill Interactive Earned Run Average. It is used to caculate the statistics of baseball pitchers. It gives an estimate of the ERA bby calculating the walk, strike out, and ground ball rate.

What does the acronym ERA mean?

One definition for ERA is Equal Rights Amendment.

What pitcher has the lowest single season era in baseball history?

Tim Keefe in 1880 had an ERA of 0.860.

How do you find out the ERA in baseball?

Innings pitched divided by Earned runs times 9 = pitcher's ERA

What professional baseball team had the highest ERA in baseball history?

the 1930 Philadelphia Phillies had a combined team ERA of 6.71. the team's overall record was 52-102. the 2nd highest team era was by the 1996 Detroit Tigers who had an ERA of 6.38 and a record of 53-109