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12 - Alabama Crimson Tide, Illinois Fighting Illini, Marshall Thundering Herd, Navy Midshipmen, Nevada Wolfpack, NC State Wolfpack, North Texas Mean Green, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Syracuse Orange, Standford Cardinal, Tulane Green Wave, Tulsa Golden Hurricane

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Illinois - Fighting Illini Marshall - Thundering Herd Navy - Midshipmen NC State - Wolfpack Notre Dame - Fighting Irish I think a few others were missed...... Alabama- Crimson Tide Stanford- Cardinal (it is singular for some reason) (It's the color cardinal not the bird) Tulane- Green Wave Syracuse-Orange UMASS - Minutemen Nevada - Wolf Pack Tulsa - Golden Hurricane

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To start...without colors or animal or end in s.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Illinois Fighting Illini

Navy Midshipmen

The Fighting Sioux of University of North Dakota

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If you are referring to the name of the actual mascot, then 24 teams have mascots that don't end in the letter S.

The two teams that do have mascots that have names that end in the letter S are The Cleveland Browns dog Chomps and the Denver Broncos horse Miles.

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Q: What division one football mascots do not end in s or have a color in their name?
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