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There are many division one colleges that have volleyball here are a variety

of colleges:

Seton Hall University, University of Connecticut, Syracuse University, Brigham

Young University, University of Southern California, Stanford University, Penn

State University, Hawaii University, Pepperdine University, UCLA, UC Santa

Barbara, Lewis University, Pacific University, Loyola- Chicago, Ohio-State

University, UC San Diego, Long Beach State, Florida University, California

University, Nebraska University, Minnesota University, Texas University, Duke

University, Illinois University, Clemson University, Oregon University, Michigan

University, Mississippi University, Louisianna State University, Delaware

University, Arizona University, Auburn University and many more colleges for

more information go to NCAA Division 1

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Q: What division one colleges have volleyball?
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What are the names of some colleges that have volleyball teams?

There are a lot of colleges that have volleyball teams, whether it is division 1 or division 3. Some of the most reputable volleyball teams are from Stanford, Penn State, Louisville, Florida State and Iowa State.

How many colleges are playing volleyball in the us?

According to, there are a total of 3,837 colleges in the US. 2,257 of those, 58% of all colleges have volleyball in some capacity - intercollegiate, club, and/or intramural. 1,791 have volleyball at an intercollegiate, competitive level. This level includes NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA. Of those intercollegiate colleges: 331 are NCAA Division I 261 are NCAA Division II 422 are NCAA Division III 1,837 have volleyball at the intramural level. 306 have volleyball at the club level.

Division 1 colleges have mens volleyball?

Ball State has division 1 Volleyball. Also Brigham Young has it. for the rest of the list visit this site:

What colleges offer scholarships for volleyball?

Most D1 and D2 colleges offer volleyball scholarships

Is Presbyterian College volleyball division 1?

Yes, Presbyterian College volleyball is Division 1.

What are the Division 1 Colleges in Baseball?

What are the Division 1 Colleges in Baseball?

Do division one colleges have several cheer leading squads?


What is division one baseball?

The most likely answer is the Division I of the NCAA, which is one of three divisions of colleges and universities based on several factors.

What is Division 1 volleyball?

Division 1 in volleyball is the best team out of the total number of teams..... It's based on how good the people on the team or how good the team is

Can you give a list of all division 1 colleges in the state of New Jersey?

Division 1-A football colleges in New Jersey: Rutgers Division 1-AA football colleges in New Jersey: Monmouth, Princeton

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