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The Hawks play in the Northeast Conference which is Division 1-AA for football.

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Q: What division is the Monmouth University football team?
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What Division is the University of Dayton Football team?

University of Dayton's football team is Division 1aa

Does the University of Vermont play football?

Yes, but not in a Division 1 status. The University of Vermont's Football team is club sport. The last time UVM had a Division 1 football team was 1974

What is the division that WVU football team plays in?

The WVU, West Virginia University, football team plays in NCAA Division I-FBS. West Virginia University Football plays in the Big 12 conference. The University mascot is the Mountaineer.

Is Delaware listed as a division one football team in the NCAA or a division two in the NCAA?

The University of Deleware competes at the Division I level. The football team competes at the Division I-FCS level.

Which division 1A football team has the smallest enrollment?

Rice University

What division is delta state university football team?

Division II playing in the Gulf South Conference.

What division of athletics is Drexel university in?

it all depends on the sport, like for example Lehigh University is Division 1 in every sport except for football which they are a Division 1AA team, so for football Drexel is division 1 but i am not sure about the other sports

Which university does the Razorback football team represent?

The Razorback's are from the University of Arkansas. A member of the southeastern conference west division, they are a usual whipping team of the University of Alabama.

What is a good college for field hockey division 1?

monmouth university in new jersey. my sister goes there. they are awesome. & she Loves the campus & the team.

Who has the youngest Division one College football team?

The youngest Division 1-FBS (formerly Division 1-A) school is Florida International University who began playing football in 2002.

Is umass a NCAA division school?

The University of Massachusetts Minutemen compete in NCAA Division 1. Their football team will begin playing in the Football Bowl Subdivision in 2012.

Is western Carolina university division 1?

The Western Carolina University Catamounts do participate in NCAA Division I and are in the Southern Conference. Their football team participates in the Division I FCS subdivision (formerly I-AA).

What university does the Colorado Buffaloes football team represent?

The Colorado Buffaloes Football Team represents the University of Colorado at Boulder. They represent them in College football at the NCAA division | FBS level. Their first season was in 1890, and their home stadium is Folsom Field.

What division is the Georgetown University football team?

Georgetown is a Division 1-AA team playing in the Patriot League with Fordham, Colgate, Holy Cross, Lafayette, Lehigh, and Bucknell.

Who is the head coach of the UCF Knights football team?

George O'Leary has been the head coach of the UCF Knights football team since 2004. The Knights are a Division I team from the University of Central Florida.

What NCAA Division 1 football team has the best all time winning percentage?

The University of Michigan.

Which college football team was the only in Division 1 to go undefeated in the regular season?

The University of Utah

What NCAA Division 1A football team has the most wins since 2001?

University of southern California

What can adding a football team do for a division 3 college?

it can give a college a division 3 football team

What ncaa division ia football team has a capital M on it's helmet?

Marshall University has an M on their helmet.

Which team has the Longest division 3 football current losing streak?

University of Puget Sound. 22 losses

Whic team has won the most Division 2 football championships?

North Dakota state university bison

Does Ashford university have a football team?

Ashford University does not have a football team. According to the Ashford University store, they have a football team, they are called "Saints"

Where can one play rice football?

William Marsh Rice University is located in Houston, Texas. The Rice Owls are a NCAA Division 1 football team that competes in the Western Division. Football games can be seen during the standard college football season that begins in August.

Does Alaska have a division 1A football team?

No, Alaska does not have a Division 1A football school nor does it have a Division 1AA, now known as Division 1 Football Championship Subdivision, football school.