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Division 2

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Q: What division is shaw university women's basketball team?
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What is Shaw University?

Shaw University's motto is 'Pro Christo Et Humanitate'.

When was Shaw University created?

Shaw University was created on 1865-12-01.

When was Leonard Hall - Shaw University - created?

Leonard Hall - Shaw University - was created in 1881.

What school did Ella Baker go to?

Shaw University from the 9th grade all through College

What has the author Wilfred Bryon Shaw written?

Wilfred Bryon Shaw has written: 'A short history of the University of Michigan' -- subject(s): History, University of Michigan

What GPA do you need for shaw university?

3.5 to 4.0

Who played quarterback for the University of Richmond spiders in 1975?

Larry Shaw

What year did Ida b wells go to shaw university?


Has any famous person graduated from shaw university?

Pastor Shirley Caesar did.

What was the first university to give degrees to blacks?

The first university to give degrees to blacks was Shaw University. It was the first HBCU in the South that was established in 1865.

What are the easy 4 year colleges to get into?

St. Augustine College, NC Shaw University,NC Allen University Miles College

Were did Ida wells bernet go to school?

Ida B. Wells-Barnett attended Shaw University