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Regarding their NCAA classification, they play in Division I-FBS. (Formerly called "Division 1A".)

Regarding their conference affiliation, they play in the Big Ten Conference, in the "Leaders" division.

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Q: What division is Ohio state football play in?
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What is Ohio's collage football team?

Ohio has eight college football teams in three leagues. In Division I-A there are the Ohio State Buckeyes. University of Akron, Bowling Green, Kent State, Miami University, Ohio University and the University of Toledo play in the Mid-American Conference and the University of Cincinnati Bearcats play in the American Athletic Conference.

Is there a rule that says Ohio State must play in-state games in football?

No, there isn't, but there is a tradition at Ohio State to play one or more football teams from Ohio each year.

What year did Ohio State first play football?

Ohio State's first interscholastic football game was played in May, 1889 against Ohio Wesleyan. Ohio State won 20-14.

When did the university of Toledo play Ohio state in football?

Toledo and Ohio State have met once in football, that being September 12, 1998 in Columbus. Ohio State won 49-0.

What year did dick thoma play football for Ohio state?

1961 football season as a freshman.

Is Missouri state division 1 in college football?

The Bears play Division 1-AA football in the Missouri Valley Football Conference.

What does Ohio state's football players do?

Play football and win championships like a boss

Where did Kirk Herbstreit play college football?

Ohio State

Where did AJ Hawk play college football?

Ohio State

What college football division does mount union college play in?

Mount Union is a Division 3 team that plays in the Ohio Athletic Conference.

Is indiana state a division 1 football team?

Yes ... the Sycamores play Division 1-AA (FCS) football in the Missouri Valley Football Conference.

What college football team did Cris Carter play for?

Ohio State

Where did nick saban play college football?

Kent State in Ohio

What football position did Robert Smith play at Ohio State?


In what football division does Kansas State play?

Kansas state plays in the NCAA's division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS). They have not won an NCAA championship yet but they have had numerous national champions.

What is Ohio state buckeyes game schedule in ncaa football 14?

Ohio State is schedule to play on September 13th. They are also suppose to play o September 9th.

When did Kirk Herbstreit play college football at Ohio State?

Kirk Herbstreit was a quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes between 1989-1993.

Who did Ohio state football play in national championships?

IT depends on which one but the most recent was Florida and Ohio state lost 42-17

Can Ohio state play for big ten championship?

No, but they can win their division just not the championship

Why does Ohio State schdule other Ohio teams?

It is a tradition for Ohio State to play other Inner-Ohio Teams, since Ohio State used to be one of the weaker teams in the NCAA before becoming a powerhouse in the late 1920s, and being the only powerhouse football team in Ohio. Ohio State has not lost to another Inner-Ohio football team since 1924.

What is a song by the McCoys that they play Ohio state football games?

Hang On Sloopy, a classic written by the mccoys in Ohio.

When did Ohio State play Mississippi in football?

They haven't played each other

Did Tennessee back out of football deal to play against Ohio state?


What year did Keith Budder play Ohio State football?

i think 1990

Did Ohio state ever play Cincinnati in football?

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