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Queens Park participates in the Premier League division one.

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The division that Blackburn Rovers participates in is the Championship in England.

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Q: What division does Queens Park Rangers participate in?
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How many times has Queens Park Rangers won the Barclays Premier League?

Queens Park Rangers have never won the Barclays Premier League, or the old First Division equivalent of it.

When was Queens Park Rangers F.C. created?

Queens Park Rangers F.C. was created in 1882.

What is Queens Park Rangers twitter handle?

The twitter handle of Queens Park Rangers FC is @OfficialQPR.

What is the Nationality of Queens Park Rangers Rio Ferdinand?

The nationality of Queens Park Rangers Rio Ferdinand is English.

Who is the Chairman of Queens Park Rangers FC?

The Chairman of Queens Park Rangers F.C in England is Tony Fernandes.

Who is the captain of qpr?

Harry Redknapp is the manager of Queens Park Rangers.

Why are qpr called qpr?

QPR, Queens Park Rangers, were formed in 1882 when two clubs merged, St Judes and Christchurch Rangers. As the majority of the players were from the Queens Park area (About 2 miles north of their current home) they adopted Queens Park Rangers

Mark falco ex rangers player?

yes he was he played for queens park rangers and Glasgow rangers

How many times have Chelsea and Queens Park Rangers met in the Premier League?

As of November 2011, Chelsea and Queens Park Rangers have met nine times in the Premier League.

How much are Queens Park Rangers worth?

32 billion

What football team does Pete Doherty support?

Queens Park Rangers

What is the most number of goals Chelsea have scored against Queens Park Rangers?

As of November 2011, Chelsea's greatest number of goals scored against Queens Park Rangers in competition is 4, achieved twice, first in Division One in a 0 - 4 victory, and secondly, the following season, in the 1969-70 FA Cup, where Chelsea won 2 - 4.