What division do the Phillies play in?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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NL East

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Q: What division do the Phillies play in?
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When did the Phillies win their division?

As of the start of the 2008 season, since divisional play began in 1969, the Phillies have won the East Division seven times. 2007, 1993, 1983, 1980, 1978, 1977, and 1976

Are phillies american leauge?

No. The Phillies are in the National League East Division.

Who did the Colorado Rockies play in the 2009 playoffs?

In the 2009 N.L. Division Series, the Rockies lost to the Philadelphia Phillies 3 games to 1.

Which state do the Philadelphia Phillies play in?

The Phillies play in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What was the worst collapse in Major League Baseball?

The 2007 New York Mets that had 7 games in the East Division over the Phillies with 17 games to play and I'm glad it happened because I'm a huge Phillies fan.

What league do the Mets play in?

The New York Mets play in the National League. To be more specific, the National League East Division with the Philadelphia Phillies, Atlanta Braves, Washington Nationals, & Florida Marlins.

What state does the phillies play for?


Did the montral expos play in postseason?

The Expos made the National League playoffs one time, that being the 1981 season. They defeated the Phillies in the division series and lost to the Dodgers in the championship series.

What division do the Red Wings play in?

The Red Wings play in the central division.

What division do the Oilers play in?

The Oilers play in the Northwest Division of the Western Conference.

What division do the Florida panthers play in?

They play in the Southeast division of the Eastern Conference.

What division do the Canucks play in?

The Northwest Division