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Q: What division 1 ncaa football has the worst record in team history?
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Who is the worst football team in history?

the Richmond tigers have the worst record of losing games

What was the worst ever division winning record in the MLB?

The worst record to win a division in MLB history was 82-80 by the San Diego Padres, the National League West Division winners in 2005.

What football team is the worst in the football team in the world cup?

come on this aint football this is succer the worst sport in history

What is the worst record in MLS history?

The worst record in MLS history came in 2001 with the Tampa Bay Mutiny achieving a record of 4-21-2 (14 points).

What college football team has the worst bowl record?


What is the worst football team in history?

Luton Town

Who is the worst football player in history?

there isn't one

What professional team has the worst record in history in any sport?

personally right now i am really into football. the worst team in the NFL is the lions by far..... but last season the poor jets lost to them so.......

Who has the worst record for football violence in the UK?

Leeds United and Milwall

What was the worst loss in Indiana university history in football?


What team has the worse record in football the year?

The worst record in the National Football League (American Football) for 2008 is held by the Detroit Lions, with 0 wins and 16 losses.

What is the worst season record regardless of division in the NCAA?

The kansas city chiefs at 2-10