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Q: What distance are all olympic rowing events raced over?
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What is the longest distance that will be raced in the canoe kayak sprints at the London 2012 Olympic Games?

1000 m for men and 500 m for women

What athlete broke one of his ski straps right before at the 1956 winter olympic games ight before he raced in downhill ev?

what athlete broke one of his ski starpes right before he raced in the downhill in 1956

How is rowing played?

Rowing is 'played' by racing boats agaisnt each other. In some races called "head races" the boats are set off one after the other and the boat that wins is the boat with the fastest time in a category. In regattas, the boats are raced in lanes and so it is whoever finishes the race first. There are also indoor rowing competitions where lots of people gather and compete on rowing machines (ergos) and depending on what their race is the winner is whoever got the greatest distance or the fastest time. There are many differnet categories for age, gender, weight and type of boat so each race is fair.

What events were in the first greek Olympics?

Mostly they raced chariots or threw a discus. Chariot events have been gone from the Olympics but we still use the discus event.

Has Hamilton ever raced schumacer?

No. Schumacher retired from Formula 1 in 2006, Hamilton entered the sport in 2007. Hamilton would have raced Schumacher if he had taken part in the last few Race of Champions events, but he chose not to. (If you were talking about Michael's brother Ralf Schumacher, which is unlikely, then yes they both raced in 2007.)

What is Bella's Impression of Isle Esme as they raced towards it in the boat?

she's filled with awe as she sees isle Esme from a distance.

When did realy racing become an event?

Racing has been around for over 5 000 years. People have raced by foot, horse, chariot, carts. The ancient Greeks had foot races as part of the Olympic Games. Chariot races were regular events for Rome as well as horse races. The English in the 1800's often had steeplechases with betting. Man has always raced against other men for fun and money. Car races began in the early 1900's along with motorcycle races.

What is raced?

Almost anything that moves can be raced.

What rhymes with raced?

maced rhymes with raced == ==

What is the Opposite of raced?

The opposite of raced is withdrew.

How fast can a thorough breed horse run?

It depends on the distance being raced but in general a Thoroughbred can run between 35-50 mph.

What raced at a Roman circus?

Chariots raced at a roman circus.

Is Libby Trickett in the 2012 Olympics?

Yes she won a Gold Medal for the 4×100 m freestyle as a Team Member who raced the heats of the 4x100m freestyle relay team, Australia went on to win gold in the final setting a new Olympic record, she took the 4th Olympic gold of her career.

What part of speech is raced?

Raced is a verb. It's the past tense of race.

Where did Jeff Gordan race go karts?

He has raced them all over the place. He raced them In California as a young kid. Then raced in the Midwest as well. Mainly IN. Other than that.. He's raced all over. From Karts, Midgets/Sprints, to what most know him from. Nascar.

Which vehicle is raced in the tour de France?

Bicycles are raced in the Tour de France

What was the last year Michael schumacher and Lewis hamilton raced together?

They have never raced together

What is raced in the America's cup?

because phi and annastia are in love and they raced in a America by car racing.

Who raced chariots in the Middle Ages?

Chariots were raced in the Byzantine Empire in the Early Middle Ages.

What is raced in America's cup?

because phi and annastia are in love and they raced in a America by car racing.

Give sentence for the word raced up?

I raced up the stairs because I had forgotten my bus pass.

What actors and actresses appeared in Where They Raced - 2013?

The cast of Where They Raced - 2013 includes: Hank Hilty as himself

Who is the best swimmer before?

the best swimmer is enthob and he raced in the 2000 Olympic games 1) Michael Phelps, USA (14 total Olympic gold medals, including eight at the 2008 Olympics). 2) Mark Spitz, USA (9 total Olympic gold medals, including seven at the 1972 Olympics) 3) Jenny Thompson, USA (8 total Olympic gold medals) 4) Matt Biondi, USA (8 total Olympic gold medals)

What is the slowest anyone has ever raced in the Kentucky Derby?

Kingman won the Kentucky Derby in 1891 at a time of 2:52.25 but the distance during that time was run at 1 1/2

What is the space race about?

It is when America and the Soviet union raced to the moon and the US and the USSR raced to get the newest equipment into the space