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Q: What disease does muhmmad ali have?
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Did muhmmad Ali smoke?


Is muhmmad ali still alive?


How did muhmmad ali career end?

didn't he retire?

Who is muhmmad ali boxing coach?

mike hunt

Was Muhammad Ali involved in civil rights?

was muhmmad ali involved in the civil rights

When did muhmmad Ali die what year?

He's still alive

How many year was muhmmad ali aressted?

2 years

What is laila ali from Muhammad ali?

Laila Ali the champion boxer ♥♥ love her. Is the daughter of heavy weight champ Muhmmad Ali. Her mother is also Veronica Anderson a model. That is where Laila gets her good looks.PS Veronica is the fourth married to muhmmad, but you didn't hear it from me.

What year and date did Muhmmad Ali start boxing in the Olympics?


Did Muhmmad Ali steal a bike at 12?

No he did not, but he got his bike stolen at 12 years of age.

Who accompanies the countries as they enter in the Olympics at the opening ceremony?

Muhmmad ali David beckcom

Does Muhammad Ali Have Lou Garrison disease?

no ali has parkinsons disease

What is the disease that Muhammad Ali has?

Parkinson's Disease.

What disease did muhammed Ali die from?

Although suffering from Parkinson's disease, Muhammed Ali is, to my knowledge, still alive.

Where does Muhmmad Ail live now?

Muhammad Ali has his primary home in Scottsdale, Arizona. However, he also owns another house in the state of Michigan and Kentucky.

Is Mohammad ali dead?

No, Mohammad Ali is still alive with a disease.

When was Ali diagnosed with Parkinson's disease?

Muhammad Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1984.

What illness does Muhammad Ali suffer from?

mohammed ali suffers from parkinsons disease

Does Muhammad Ali have Alzheimer's disease?

Muhammad Ali suffers from Parkinson's Syndrome.

What disease did Muhammad Ali suffer?

Muhammad Ali suffers from Parkinson's syndrome.

What disease does muhammid Ali have?


What is the disease of Parkinson's?

Parkinson's disease is very dangerouse to have Muhammad ali suffers from it

When did Muhammad Ali get parkinsons disease?

He got diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1984.

A Duaa of Hazrat Muhmmad related to knowledge?

A Duaa of Hazrat Muhmmad PBUH related to knowledge that is RABBI ZIDNI ILMA

What disease does Muhammad ali have?

he is suffering from Parkinson

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