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Get past the goalie, bouncing ball, H.O.R.S.E. and H.O.R.S.E. with a twist are some variations for trampoline Basketball. Get past a goalie game seems to be the one that is the most popular.

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Q: What different types of games are played in trampoline basketball?
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There are several great trampoline games that kids and adults can play. Some trampoline games are bulls eye bounce, splash popping, and draw it.

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Trampoline games that you can play by yourself on the trampoline?

one game you can play by yourself is what I like to call "Bouncing Balls" this game can only be played on a trampoline with a net. What you do is get some balls (any balls) and place them in the middle of the trampoline. What you have to do is jump from one end of the trampoline to the other without getting hit. You can also have fun on a trampoline by learning tricks. If you go to a Trampoilning school or Gymnastics club they will teach you tricks.