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The age limit and the youth is a little bit less changelling.

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Q: What differences are there between the Youth Olympics and Olympics?
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What is the differences between the ancient and modern Olympics?

The New Olympics Are Better

What are the similarities and differences between ancient Olympics and modern day Olympics?

people are fatter these days

What are the differences and similarities between Olympics and Paralympics?

Paralympics is for disabled people and Olympics is for people without disabilities.

What is the difference between Youth Olympic Games and the Olympic games?

The Youth Olympics is for teenagers between the ages 14 to 18. They will compete on a limited number of sports (28 competitive sports during the inaugural YOG). On the other hand, the Olympics are for adults. They will compete on a full scale.

What are the differences between regular soccer and special Olympics soccer?

Age Limits

What is the differences between a child and youth worker and a councillor?

colion. colion. colion I see you

10 Differences between paraolympics and Olympics 2008?

heres the obvious para means disabled people only and Olympics is regular.

How do you get in the Youth Olympics?

you join a sport and practise hard. this is how you get it in to the youth Olympics if the teacher or coach allows or pick you to the nationals

Differences in modern and ancient olympic high jump?

the diffrence between modern and ancient olympics is that it was not as safe and many were killed in ancient olympics

What are the Differences between Paralympics and Olympics?

paralympics is for people who have disabilities like artificial legs

How were the differences set aside between the city-states in ancient Olympics?

An armistice [Ολυμπιακή Εκεχειρία] was declared when there were war activities in the year of the Olympics in order to honour Zeus and the spirit of fairplay setting aside their differences

Why must have Youth Olympics?

We must have youth Olympics so that we can boost youngsters to actively participate in programmes like this and give a platform to their talent.

Who will host the 2010 Olympics?

It would be be Singapore. In 2008, Singapore was announced to be the hosting city of the Youth Olympics. Youth Olympics would be mostly held by cities in the world to allow them to have a chance of hosting such events. The Youth Olympics is a good platform for young athletics to train themselves and get experience.

What are the differences between the 1948 Olympics and the 2012 Olympics?

The 1948 Olympics were in 1948 and London 2012 are in the year 2012 and the number of athletes, the number of women, the number of sports and the number of countries and a few other things.

When did the youth Olympics start?

The Youth Olympic games started on 14 August, 2010.

What are the differences between the luge and skeleton events in the Olympics?

In Luge, you lay on your back, but ins Skeleton, you lay on your stomach.

What words begin in y are about the Olympics?


Where will the 2010 youth Olympics be held?

In Singapore.

When is the first Youth Olympics?

In 2010 in Singapore.

What is the size of a gymastics competition floor that is held in like the Youth Olympics or Olympics?

12m * 12m

Where did the first-ever Youth Olympics start?


What were the Differences between 1932 and 1980 winter Olympics?

They were both held in Lake Placid, but each had different events, competetors, and fans.

What is the consequences of cheating in Youth Olympics games?

There can be bad consequences if you cheat in youth olympics. You can be barred from entering in future olympic events. You can also be barred from entering any other event.

How many countries are represented in the youth Olympics 2010?

205 nations are participating in 2010 Youth Olympic Games.

Who is the mascot of the 2012 Winter Youth Olympics?

The official 2012 Youth Olympic Games Mascot's name is Yoggl.