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Women were not only not allowed to compete but also were not allowed to watch the games as the competotors were nude.

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Q: What did women in the ancient Olympics wear?
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What did they wear in running in the Ancient Olympics?

In the Ancient Olympics the competitors were nude.

Were the women allowed to compete in the ancient Olympics?

No, women were not allowed to enter the olympics.

What did the women wear in the ancient Greeks for running?

women didn't take part in Olympics because men thought women were to weak and were not allowed to watch because they had no clothes on.

What did they ancient athletes wear in the Olympics?


What did they wear in ancient Greece for the Olympics?

they were naked

What did men wear at the ancient Olympics?

they were naked

Can women participated in the Ancient Olympics?


What was illegal in ancient Greek Olympics?


Who were able to complete in the ancient Olympics?

Only men were able to compete in the Ancient Olympics. Women were forbid to enter the Ancient Olympics, or, Olympia, as it was called back then.

What clothes did they were in the ancient Olympics?

They did not wear any clothes

What did people wear in ancient greek Olympics?


What was the ancient Olympics festive held for women?

The women weren't allowed to participate in the ancient Olympic games.