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1967 hahaha that is the wrong answer i just wanted to put something

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A peach basket.

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Daryl daltoc

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Q: What did we use in 1891 as a basketball rim?
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What did they use as a basketball goal and basketball?

I think you mean a basketball hoop. But for a hoop, they use a steel or iron rim with rope netting connected to the rim. The backboard is glass or plastic.

How do you make a basketball net in basketball?

you use thin rope..and make chain link knots...and then stick it on the rim

When was the first real basketball used?

In 1891 In 1891

What is a basketball rim used for?

A basketball rim is used for knowing how far you can shoot a basketball into the basketball hoop. It also determines your accuracy and stamina with the sport.

When was the sport basketball invented?

James Naismith invented basketball in 1891 in the Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts.

When was basketball discovered?


When is basketball created?


How long have basketball been around?

since 1891 since 1891

When was basketball started?

Basketball was invented by james naismith in 1891.

Who founded basketball?

Basketball was founded in 1891.

What is the height of a standard basketball post?

The Basketball rim is exactly 10 ft 0 in. high

What is the rim in basketball?

The rim is the circular hoop attached perpendicularly to the backboard. The rim is usually painted orange and is made of iron. When the game first originated, a basket was used instead of a rim, which is why it is called 'basketball'.