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They used feather shuttlecocks and Badminton rackets.

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Q: What did they use to play badminton when it was first invented?
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What equiptment do you need to play badminton?

a badminton racket, a shuttlecock and sometimes people use a net

What do you use a shuttlecock for?

A shuttlecock is used to play badminton.

When do you use a shuttlecock?

It's used to play Badminton

What is the name of the ball that you use to play badminton with?

It's called a birdie.

What is a good sport for some one who doesn't play sports much?

badminton can be hard to use the racquet at first. Maybe soccer...

How do you play badminton game?

we can play by pairs;we can also use the single and double.Thats all thank you for accepting my answer.

What tools do you use for badminton?

The tools that we use in badminton are: Badminton Racket Net Shuttlecock

Can you use those Speedminton rackets for Badminton?

As long as you are not trying to play a sanctioned game, why not?

What facilities can you use if you want to play badminton?

You need a birdie (to hit with) & you obviously need a racket. :)

What is the odd one out soccer badminton exercise basketball?

Badminton the rest use balls

How do you play badminton properly?

Playing badminton follows the same rules as tennis, except that instead of a tennis ball, you use a birdie (which moves much more slowly) and instead of a tennis racket you use a badminton racket (which is pretty much the same thing). You have to hit the birdie so that it goes over the net, but not out of bounds. Simple.

What muscles do you use when you play badminton?

Muscles used in badminton are...- gastrocnemius- biceps- hamstrings- triceps- gluteals- adductors- abductors- soleus- wrist flexors- hip flexor- quadricepsfind more @...

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