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Q: What did the term ping-pong diplomacy refer to in the Nixon Administration?
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Which syllable carries the main stress in the words 'diplomat' 'successful' 'accumulative' 'diplomatic' 'comfortable' 'increase' 'diplomacy' 'refer'?

Diplomat: first Successful: second Accumulative: second Diplomatic: third Comfortable: first Increase: second for the verb; first for the noun Diplomacy: second Refer: second (note that "reefer" has the stress on the first syllable)

What is aggressive diplomacy?

Aggressive diplomacy is a strategy in international relations that involves using assertive and forceful tactics, such as economic sanctions or military threats, to achieve specific diplomatic goals. It is characterized by a confrontational approach aimed at gaining concessions from other countries or influencing their behavior. However, it can also escalate tensions and potentially lead to conflicts if not managed carefully.

What is the difference between military diplomacy and defence diplomacy?

Defence diplomacy is the deliberate application of resources from across the spectrum of defence, to achieve positive outcomes in the development of bilateral and multilateral relationships. Military diplomacy is a sub-set of this, tending to refer only to the role of military attachés and their associated activity. Defence diplomacy does not include military operations, but subsumes such other defence activity as international personnel exchanges, ship and aircraft visits, high level engagement (e.g. Ministers and senior defence personnel), training and exercises, security sector reform, bilateral military staff talks, etc.

Is MBA relationship between science?

If you refer to a college degree, an MBA is a Master of Business Administration, which has no relation to science.

What doess ecumenism mean?

Friendly dialogue between different religions or religious denominations. It is sort of like diplomacy between countries.

Does Medicaid pay doctor bills?

Medicare pay bills to those doctors who are associated with Medicare, and doctors who are not associated to it for those you need to refer it to Medicare administration.

What management field of specialization are Accounting and investments are in?

At most universities, these are areas included in a Business Management or Business Administration degree (some schools refer to this degree as Financial Management).

What does cGMP refer to in FDA regulations?

cGMP refers to "Current Good Manufacturing Practices". This practice is controlled by the Food and Drug Administration. They ensure that medications are safe for the public consumer.

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The term "systems" can refer to many jobs in the Information Technology field. Some of the positions are systems administration, system engineering, system analyst and system maintenance.

What is the purpose of the Obama administration in America?

The term "administration" is just another way to refer to the president and his cabinet. When you hear about the Obama Administration, it is not some company or business: it means the Vice President (Joe Biden) and the other people Mr. Obama chose to head the various agencies in the government, such as the Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of Commerce, etc. So the purpose of the Obama Administration is to run the government and lead the country. This is what the president and vice president were elected to do, and the members of the cabinet help them to do it.

In his 1968 election campaign Richard Nixon appealed to the?

"silent majority", a term he used to refer to conservative Americans who were believed to be largely supportive of his policies but were not vocal about it. Nixon sought to tap into the frustrations of this group and position himself as their representative, promising to restore law and order and bring an end to the Vietnam War. This appeal helped him secure a narrow victory in the election.

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