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Q: What did the people want during the Russian Revolution?
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Why would the people want to overthrow the government in the Russian Revolution?

to have equality

What did the Bolsheviks want to do to land in Russia during the Russian revolution?

Redistribute it to serfs. A better distribution of property.

What is a good book on The Russian Revolution I want to broaden my knowledge on the Russian revolution but I am a bit of a beginner where would be a good place to start?

Access to History - Russia: From Autocracy to Communism "A People's Tragedy-A History of the Russian Revolution," by Orlando Figes (copyright 1996, published 1997)

What was life like during the Russian revolution?

Hi i do not know this answer u might want to try and use wikipedia. Sincerely Anonymous

Why did the people want george washington to be king?

Because he was such a brilliant leader of the U.S. army during the revolution.

Why did the Russian people want a change in government in 1917?

Although these czars wanted to import western industrialization, they hoped to block the ideals of the french revolution.

What caused the September Massacre during the French Revolution?

The people of Paris didn't want a counter-revolution from the clergy who were imprisoned, so they killed them.

What qualities in mankind does mollie represent?

Mollie represents the people who didn't want anything to do with the Russian Revolution and fled to different countries such as England, Germany, and Italy.

How did the American revolution and the french revolution influence other countries?

It made other countries revolt for their freedom. For example, lots of the countries in South American didn't want to be ruled by the Spanish anymore, so they fought. Another example is the Russian Revolution. They fought against France during France's revolution because they feared that their country would do the same.

Who did the American want to be free of during the American revolution?

English king

Why was Russia unhappy with the Czar?

The Czar thought that the Russian people were stupid and should be kept in their place. Czars did not want them leaving the farms to work in the factories. That kept Russia from starting its industrial revolution in 1870 and made it as difficult as possible. The people did not like being crushed. Then, during World War 1, the Russian Czar left a monk, Rasputin, to run the government. Rasputin was totally incompetent. The Czar fired his competent general and ran the army himself. He suffered a total defeat and resigned.

Who were Mao zedongs rival during the Chinese revolution?

The american government, Chiang Kai-shek and many other people who didn't want liberation for China

What major events took place during the American Revolution?

want to have summary of events which took place in American revolution

How did the french contribute to the American Revolution?

They made America a nation during the American Revolution because they didn't want their enemy to win the American Revolution,Their enemy was,Britain.

What happend during the French Revolution?

There was lots of crisises and the people of France had a war with the people who took over them. (rich, the goverment, the king, popular churches, etc.) what more could you want emeka and zuhyar

What faction during the French Revolution did not want individual property rights?

someone answer this now

Who attacks the french during the revolution?

I am pretty sure it was British... If you want to get into detail... email me

Who killed the romanovs killed during the Russian revoulation?

In 1918 during the Russian Revolution the Bolsheviks killed the Romanov family. They were killed because Tsar Nicholas wouldn't listen to his people and their warnings and needs. They didnt like the way he was handeling things. The Tsar abdicated the throne for himself and his son and so the Russian government instated a new form of government, a provisional gov.The Bolsheviks leader Vladimer Lenin orders the family to be killed because he didnt want any possible opposition to the new form of government. Below is a site that tells a little bit about their death.

What is the relationship between Animal Farm and the French Revoution?

The movie Animal Farm shows in a simple and easy to understand way how a revolution is born and what happens to people and government during it. If you don't quite get the definition of a revolution and want to know what it is, how is works and what moves people to start one, this is a great movie to watch.

What do we going to learn in edsa revolution 1 and 2?

I want to know the important events and ,the past happenings,during the EDSA REVOLUTION 1 and 2.

What kinds of things happen during a revolution?

Anything can happen in a revolution - that's why it's so-called. Think of a rubber ball floating on the waves. It can turn any way up. That's why most people don't want revolution - only the desperate with nothing to lose.

What did lower and middle class people want at the beginning of the revolution?

they wanted what the first class people had

What did the Loyalists want during the American Revolution?

To remain loyal to the King of England- not fight for independence.

What are the differences and similarities between the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution?

The similarities are that the French leader, Louis XVI, and the Russian leader, Nicholas II were both rulers who didn't really want to be the ones in charge. They both wanted to live simple, relaxing lives, and their subjects paid for it. Their leaders made poor financial decisions, putting the townspeople into economic crises. They people never liked Louis and Nicholas because of things like this, and they wanted to overthrow them. In both revolutions, the rulers and their families were executed. The main difference between the two revolutions is that the French revolution resulted in a democratic government and the Russian resulted in a communist government.

Why did Nicholas want to enter into World War 1?

To Protect Serbia and unify the Russian people