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If you truly want to purchase a gun you must buy one that is actually worth buying. Logical but some people make the mistake of buying cheap useless guns. Price range you want to look for is $150 and above. If this is to high do not play paintball because once you get into buying compressed air, paintballs (not cheap), and mask its going to cost you a little extra. Suggestions for guns: If you play in the woods- BT, Tippmanns. (Arena)- any ion at a good price with a halo hopper. Hopefully this helps. Playing in the woods is so much more fun and its totally worth the money if you truly enjoy it. If you are not sure go rent a gun at your local paintball store and plays some games and see how it goes.

Paintball is not a cheap sport.

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At least a cost id think...

how much does it cost to make one? for an established company not a lot, in your garage, a pretty good amount unless you just happen to have all the parts laying around

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The first paintball gun was specifically made for a paintball war somewhere around 1970s-80s. However paintball markers were around 20$ and were originally made for marking trees in hard to reach places.

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Q: What did the first paint ball gun cost?
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How much does triad paint ball gun cost?

they cost around 50-100 bucks

Can you get a paint ball gun in chester?

Yes you can get a paint ball gun in a winchester! See.

Do you need a gun licence for a paint ball gun?

no any one 10 and older can have a paint ball gun

Is a marker another word for a gun?

yes in paint ball they call it marker but it really is just a paint ball gun

Why do my your spray gun drip out the tip when I release the trigger when you are spraying with a paint gun?

It depends on which paint gun if it is a paint ball you have the wrong paint or you do not have enough pressurized air. If you have a spray paint gun that means that there not enough pressurized air.

When was the first paint ball gun made?

The first paintball gun was made in the 1970s. The orginial purpose was to mark trees. This later evolved more and more into what we have today.

Can you be 13 to have a paint ball gun?

No, you cannot purchase a paintball gun until you are 18.

When did dappy hit fans with a paint ball gun?

April 2010, and It was an Airsoft gun.

Can a Paint ball gun be used in Federal Recreation Areas?


How do you get a paint ball gun in Liberty City for psp?

you cant

Crosman Nel-Spot 707?

This is a (First) paint ball air gun. modeled on the crosman 150 basic frame.

Should you shoot the bats in your attic with a paint ball gun?

Not if you want paint splatters in your attic.