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the first olympic athletes wore tunics made from Silk

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Q: What did the first olympic athletes wear while competing?
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What did the first athletes wear while competing?

Depends on when in history you think the first athletes appeared. In ancient Greece nude and oiled up was the most common sports dress.

Do athletes use least common multiple?

Not while they're competing, but most athletes need to pass a math class to maintain their eligibility.

How many olympic athletes are there per country?

It varies from country to country. China has the largest Olympic team (639 athletes) while the small country of Togo will have just 1.

How many athletes were injured from during the Olympic Games or while training for the Olympic Games?

mate, thats not possible to find out

Why did artistic events disappear from the Olympic Games?

The juried art competitions were abandoned in 1954 because artists were considered to be professionals, while Olympic athletes were required to be amateurs.

Has anyone ever died whilst taking part in the olympic games?

Many athletes were murdered by terrorists in the 1972 Summer Olympic Games held in Munich, West Germany. Once in a while an athlete gets killed while competing in the games, such as the person who died in an accident in 2010 Winter Olympics, held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Such deaths are few and far between, but, they have taken place.

Why would an olympic athletes be whipped?

That would depend on the country or the regime he is or was representing at the time. Most athletes will be safe nowadays, but a famous example was Uday, the son of the late Saddam Hussein of Iraq and minister of sports of Iraq. While in power, he had a habit of punishing and torturing Iraqi athletes who in his eyes underperformed in the Olympic Games or in other international games.

Why did artistic events disappear from the Games?

The juried art competitions were abandoned in 1954 because artists were considered to be professionals, while Olympic athletes were required to be amateurs.

Who thought up the Olympics?

The Greeks thought up the Olympics centuries ago. Since the Greeks were proud of their athletes, they wanted them to display their skills on a global stage. While the first Olympic games mainly consisted of Greek, Trojan, and other domestic athletes, it would be the spark of a global sporting phenomenon that continues today.

Are chariots used in any Olympic Games?

no at least not for a while in the first olympic games chariot racing was acceptable. Now days it is considered too dangerous.

Who was the last Professional Bull Riders to die while competing?

lol no PBR cowboy has died while competing on the PBR! lol although there have been some serious injuries!

Do athletes chew tobacco while playing?

Some do.

What are the origins of the modern olympic games?

The modern Olympic Games was initiated by Pierre de Coubertin, who was from France. In 1894, he set up the IOC or International Olympic Committee in Paris. The first summer Olympic games was held in 1896 while the winter Olympic games was held in 1924.

What do equestrian riders wear while competing in the modern Olympics?


Do American Idol contestants go to school while competing?


Illegal Olympic drugs?

well, just a little while ago U.S. swimmer Phelps announced he smoked marijuana and countless olympic athletes have used anobolic steroids and other drugscc

Why do athletes sweat during exercise?

Athletes Sweat Because Of The Fat And Calories That Are Being Burned While You Are In Motion.

Who was the high jump record in 1936?

In 1936, two U.S. athletes, Corny Johnson and Dave Albritton set the world record in the high jump at the Olympic trials when they tied for first place with successful jumps of 6' 9 1/2". Corny would go on to win the gold medal at the 1936 Olympic games while Dave Albritton won the silver medal.

Can sports create friendships?

Yes, very much so. Many friendships are started due to playing or even watching sports, and sometimes you don't even have to agree at first. There are fans who became best friends with another person while rooting for different teams, and athletes becoming friends with a player from a team he or she was competing against.

What are the responsibilities of the host country for the Olympics?

The host country for the Olympics has many responsibilities. They must make sure there are venues for all the events, room for visitors and spectators, adequate transportation and roads, a place for the athletes to live and eat while there are there competing, space for all the press to live and work, and enough security to ensure the safety of all the athletes and spectators.

Are athletes allowed to use music while competing?

It depends on the sport. In snowboarding, for example, athletes almost always listen to their mp3 player. Obviously some sports such as figure skating music is part of the sport. I'm not sure about other sports, but the rules probably wouldn't be any different than they are for any other event for any sport.

Why are soccer players not the highest paid athletes in the world?

While the very top few of the highest-paid athletes are not footballers, many of them are.

What is the difference between a World Champion and an Olympic Champion?

A world champion has won first place at their sports "World Championships". An olympic champion has won first place, a gold medal, in their sports olympic competition. While the World Champion can change every year, olympic champions can only be toppled off their perch once every four years.

What was the first frisbee called and why is it called that?

A discus, used in Olympic games a while back. It is called a discus because it is in the shape of a disk.

Why were the first olympic games held?

The Games were a celebration for the god Zeus.The First Olympics were to keep the peaceAll the countries stopped wars While the Olympics happenedThe first Olympics were at Olympia