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The Atlanta Falcon's first game in history was held in Atlanta on September 11, 1966 against the Los Angeles Rams. They lost the game 19-14. The Falcons would not win their first game until the 11th week of that season against the New York Giants ending with a record of 3-11. That year in the divsion, they finished next to last just in front of the 1-12-1 New York Giants.

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The Braves were the first major professional team to play in Atlanta. The Braves began play in the 1966 season.

The Falcons began play in Atlanta also in 1966 and the Hawks in 1968.

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In 1980 the Atlanta Flames (NHL) moved to Calgary, Alberta to become the Calgary Flames.

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The Atlanta Flames.

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The Atlanta Thrashers

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Q: What did the first Atlanta team become in the NHL?
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