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The different countries that joined in the Olympic games

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Q: What did the colours in emission spectra represent?
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What is an emission spectra used for?

The emission spectrum can be used to determine the composition of a material

Who discovered the atomic emission spectra?

thomas Jefferson

What is a continuous spectra?

an emission spectrum that consists of a continuum of wavelengths.

Why are emission spectra called the fingerprints of the elements?

Because an emission spectrum is specific to an element.It can be used to identify the element

What are the similarities between emission and absorption spectra?

The lines are at the same frequencies

What examples of everyday objects with vivid emission spectra?

Some examples of every day objects with vivid emission spectra are the following: glass, water droplets, and chameleon paint jobs.

What is the difference between absorption and emission spectrum?

Emission spectrum: lines emitted from an atom.Absorption spectrum: absorbed wavelengths of a molecule.

What two sources of continuous spectra will be use in emission spectroscopy?

Two common sources of continuous spectra used in emission spectroscopy are the electrical discharge lamps and the incandescent lamps. Electrical discharge lamps, such as the mercury vapor lamps, produce continuous spectra due to the excitation of atoms or molecules in the gas discharge. Incandescent lamps, on the other hand, produce continuous spectra because of the thermal emission from the hot filament.

Scientist use the emission spectra of element to detect?

Emission spectrometry is an old and largely known method for quantitative and qualitative analysis of elements.

How would the spectra from galaxies appear?

They have broad emission lines of highly ionized elements.

Why is the study of spectra so important?

It is used to see the colours that it gives off, if you know the colours you then know what atom it is.

What has the author Jennifer Catelli written?

Jennifer Catelli has written: 'Variability in the X-ray emission of H0538+608, an unusual AM Her-type cataclysmic variable' -- subject(s): Cataclysmic variables, Emission spectra, Light curve, Periodic variations, Stellar spectra, X ray astronomy, X ray spectra