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They thought he was great and a hero to poor people. :)

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Q: What did the children think of Dr Barnardo?
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Who is dr barnardo's children?

dr barnardo had 7 children but 3 died

How will dr Barnardo be remembered?

Dr Barnardo will be remembered by helping the poor and sick children.

What were Dr banardos children called?

The children at Dr. Barnardo's homes were known as "Barnardo's children." These children were typically orphans, abandoned, or coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, and were provided with care and support through Dr. Barnardo's charitable work.

What were dr barnardos children called?

Children assisted by Dr. Barnardo's homes were known as "Barnardo's children." Dr. Barnardo's charity provided care and support for disadvantaged and orphaned children in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in the UK.

When did Dr Barnardo open the first children's home?

nothing is right but i think it is 1987

How many children has Dr barnardo saved?

By the time Dr Thomas John Barnardo died, he had saved over 100,000 children.

What were the names of dr thomas barnardo children?

did dr banodo have any children of his own

Who looked after the children in the homes that Dr Barnardo opened?

parenting and children

How many children does dr barnardo have?

In 1870 he had over a 800 children in his homes.

How did lord shaftesbury help the Victorian children?

how did dr barnardo do to help children

How did dr barnardo look after children?

by smacking them o the bum

What was DR Barnardo's favourite colour?

There is no specific information available about Dr. Barnardo's favorite color. He was a philanthropist known for his work in helping vulnerable children and founded the charity Barnardo's in the UK.