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Fruity Pebbles

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A Root Beer

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Q: What did the cheerleader drink before the game?
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Was George W. Bush a cheerleader?

he was a cheerleader back in collage and then he became the president before Barack Obama

What does a lakers cheerleader earn?

is the average nba cheerleader's salary?

Is imagine cheerleader a good game?

It's stupid.

What is the yearly income for a male cheerleader?


How can i get a cheerleader's autograph?

go to a football game and after the game is over see if you can get one then

When should you drink a red bull the night before a football game or just before?

Just before is best it if u drink it the night before It won't do much if you drink it before it will give you a burst of energy and focus because it has taurine

What to do if your tired before a game?

sit down get as much rest as you can drink some water and/or an energy drink

What are the release dates for Cheerleader Nation - 2006 Nightmares Before Nationals?

Cheerleader Nation - 2006 Nightmares Before Nationals was released on: USA: 14 April 2006

What does cheerleader mean and what is its part of speech?

A cheerleader is a person, usually female, who tries to get fans to shout various encouragement to a sports team during the game - this is a person who leads the cheering. "Cheerleader" is a noun, as it is a person.

Is it good to drink pickle juice before a football game?

no it will make you sick

What kind drink should you drink the day before a football game?

you should always have at least 3 bottles of lucazede

What is a cheerleader useed for?

cheerleading is used to get the crowd involved in the game or event