What did the buenaventura padres wear?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Spanish Clothing

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Q: What did the buenaventura padres wear?
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What did the padres of san buenaventura do?

The Padres helped the Indians in teaching them how to sew, farm, and cook

What jobs did padres have in San Buenaventura?

the padres helped indians grow crops and hunt

How long did the padres stay at san buenaventura?

15 years

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What does San Buenaventura mean?

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When did Buenaventura Sitjar die?

Buenaventura Sitjar died in 1808.

When was Buenaventura Sitjar born?

Buenaventura Sitjar was born in 1739.

When did Buenaventura Press end?

Buenaventura Press ended in 2010.

When was Fort Buenaventura created?

Fort Buenaventura was created in 1846.

How tall is Buenaventura Braunstein?

Buenaventura Braunstein is 160 cm.

What is the population of Buenaventura Municipality?

Buenaventura Municipality's population is 20,533.

What were the different structures at Buenaventura?

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