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Competed in sports as part of a festival to the god Zeus.

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What does the word Olympic mean

What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

How did the athletes prepare for the ancient olympic games

What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: What did the acient Greeks do in the Olympics?
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Who were the Acient Greeks?

People :)

Where were the acient Olympics held?


Did acient Greeks mock Poseidon?

No, they did not, as Poseidon was a god of the ancient Greeks.

What were metics not allowed to do in acient Greeks?

not sure

How many gods and goddesses were there in acient Greeks?

i its 12

How did acient Greeks create an acient Greek statue?

They took a block of marble and shaped it with a hammer and chisel.

'Where were the first Olympics held?

The first Olympics were held in Olympia in Acient Greece.

Where were the first Olympics held?

The first Olympics were held in Olympia in Acient Greece.

What was the prize for second ancient Olympics games?

what is the prize for 2nd in the acient Olympics games

Why did the ancient Greeks have the Olympics?

Ancient Greeks had the Olympics to honor Zeus.

Why did the Greeks invent Olympics?

The Greeks invented the Olympics in honour of their gods.

Who arranged the Olympics?

The acient greece people chose how to order it

How did Greeks pray to their gods?

The same reason you pray to your god. The acient Greeks thought that there were many gods. But modern Greeks don't believe it.

Who did the Acient Greeks believe was the force of love?

Eros - from this comes our word erotic.

Where did the Greeks hold the Olympics?

the Olympics were held in Olympia!!

Who originated the Olympics?

The Greeks

What do Greeks invent?

the olympics

Who indroduced the Olympics?

The Greeks

Do the Greeks own the Olympics?

Although the Greeks did invent the Olympics, they do not own it. It is owned by the International Olympic Committee.

Who were in the first Olympics?

Ancient Greeks competed in the first olympics.

Where do ancient Greeks play Olympics?

The ancient Greeks held the Olympics in Athens, Greece. Nowadays, I don't know.

Why did the Greeks used to used to have Olympics?

The Greeks had the Olympics because they wanted some sort of entertainment competition with sport!!

What day did the Greeks not play Olympics?

The third day in the olympics was when the ancient Greeks didn't play any contests

What Greece event is not part of your Olympics?

skating was not part of acient greece olympic event

Who began the Olympics?

The ancient Greeks.