What did the Romans race?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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The Romans were white Europeans, who inhabited southern Europe.

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Q: What did the Romans race?
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What human race was founded by Aeneas?

really not a race but a city...rome(Romans so i guess it was a race lol)

What race were the biblical romans?

They were Latins, a European people.

Is Italian same race as latin?

Latin is not a race; it is a language. Italian people are ethnically related to the Romans who spoke Latin, as are the Spaniards and the French.

What did the Romans call crash during a chariot race?

The Latin words for a crash are either "fragor" or "strepitus".

What is the oldest horse racing track in the world?

Pleasanton 1858 Chester Race Course in the UK. First documented horse race was in 1539.

Where did the Romans race four horse chariots?

The chariot races were held at a race track called circus. In the eastern part of the Roman Empire they used the Greek name: hippodrome.

What games did the Romans invent?

The ancient Greeks invented the Chariot race,Discus and the 60 mater sprint.

Who was the founder of the Roman race in Greek mythology?

AeneasAnswer 2Greek mythology did not bother with Romans. Aeneas belongs to the Roman mythology.

Why did the Romans call there stadium circus maximus?

The Romans only called their race course the Circus Maximus. They called it that because it was the largest. Only races were held at a circus, while in amphitheatres, mixed entertainment could be held.

What race of people killed jesus?

Both the Jews and the Romans were involved directly in His death. In a broader sense every race of people was involved since Jesus died for everyone and it was necessary for Him to die for us since we have all sinned.

Whom did Spain fight for its independence?

Spain has had two struggles for independence, first from the Romans, and later from the Moors - a north-African race which colonised Spain.

Was circus maximus a place where Romans would watch chariot races?

Yes, it held the most people. Any place with "circus" in its name was a chariot race course.