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Just as they do now. The Yankees wear white uniforms with Navy blue (looks almost black) pinstripes and the initial NY on the left breast at home. On the road the Yanks wear grey with New York in block print on the front of the jerseys. The only changes have been the sleeve patches through the years.

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Q: What did the New York Yankees jerseys look like in the 1950s-1960s?
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Do the New York Yankees wear new uniforms each game?

The Yankees don't wear new uniforms each day, it costs them money. Iit depends on the stadium like if it's at Yankee Stadium they wear the home jerseys and if they are at another teams stadium like the Red Sox, the Yankees wear their away jerseys because they are away from the stadium.

Why don't the players names appear on the New York Yankees jerseys?

Because they are a traditional team and like the Giants and Boston they do the same. Also, they think that true fans know who the players are.

Does Justin Bieber like the New York Yankees?

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Why don't people like the New York Yankees?

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Who are the New York Yankees?

The New York Yankees are an MLB team that plays in New York, like the New York Mets. The Yankees won 27 Titles and there biggest rival is the Boston Red Sox.The New York Yankees were originally called the Baltimore Orioles from 1901 -1902, and the New York Highlanders from 1903 -1913.

Why do some baseball teams have names on their jerseys while other teams do not?

It tends to be a matter of home team etiquette overcoming blatant commercial advertising of a player's name. Teams like the Red Sox and Dodgers and Yankees (the Red Sox are the only one I can name for sure) don't put the names of the players on the home jerseys, probably because the hometown faithful are expected to know who they are. On the road jerseys, however, their names are listed, as is the case with any teams that have blank home jerseys that I know of. **** Correction. The Yankees do not have their names on their home jerseys OR their away jerseys.

What do Charger jerseys look like?

Charger jerseys look like any typical sports jerseys. There are the colors of white and blue for the Charger jerseys. In addition, there is the number 17 for the jerseys.

How many people like the New York Yankees?

Well, the New York Yankees have the biggest baseball fan base in the world, so I'm guessing..... A LOT!!

Why should people like the New York Yankees?

Because they didn't do anything to make you not like them.

What does a New York Yankees promotional cap look like?

a regular cap

Why do people like the New York Yankees?

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Do more people like Yankees or Red Sox?

Probably The Yankees Because New York City Is Bigger Than Boston.The Yankees, according to this poll.

What kind of jerseys do you like?

The most popular cheap NFL jerseys.

How many total players are on the New York Yankees?

The Yankees, like any other MLB team have a 40 man roster.

How did the New York Yankees get all of their money?

Because of the large fan base in a large market like New York the bulk of the Yankees money comes from television, and advertising revenue.

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Are replica jerseys real jerseys?

Replica jerseys are not the real jerseys the players have, however, they are a cheaper version that looks similar. An Authentic Jersey is like a real jersey.

Do more people like the New York Yankees or the Chicago Cubs?

yankees except if u live in chicago P.S. im from kansas city

What did the New York Yankees hats look like in the year 1911?

Pretty much the same as they do now

What was New York like in the 1950s?

The NY Yankees won the World Series 6 times in the 1950s.

Where can you buy a dog figurine wearing a New York Yankees uniform?

probably at like a memorabilia store

How many games did the Yankees play their entire year?

The New York Yankees like all Major League baseball teams play a 162 game schedule.

How much money does a New York Yankees player make a year?

The Yankees, like any other sports team, have different contracts and salaries for each player.