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Q: What did the FIFA 2001 disc smell like?
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What did the FIFA 2001 scratch and sniff disc smell like?

It smelled like turf

2001 Mitsubishi montero limited burning rubber smell?

my 2001 mitsubushi montero sport sometimes smell like burning rubber what could it be coming from

Why does a 2001 Honda crv shake when idling and smell like sulfur?

Bad catalytic convertor. Egg smell is a dead giveaway.

Is FIFA 13 any good?

if u like fifa: fifa 13 is very good if u dont like fifa: u wont like it. if u never played fifa: check it out.

Why would my 2001 Ford Focus smell like burning oil after a quick stop?

If you locked your wheels and slid, you burnt your tires and that will smell like burnt oil, since they ARE petroleum products.

2001 corolla back brakes disk or drum?

Its very easy to spot the difference if you look at the back wheels and see a disc (just like the front wheels ) then you have disc brakes and if not you have drums

Why does your new traverse smell funny like somethings burning?

during a brand new cars "break in" its normal to smell like somethings burning, coming from the brakes and exhaust...the metal on the disc brakes and the pads heat up for the first time making it smell like somethings burning, same goes for the catalytic converter in the exhaust system.

What are the ratings and certificates for Grim and Evil - 2001 Smell of Vengeance Part 1 Fiend Is Like Friend Without the 'r' Smell of Vengeance Part 2 1-4?

Grim and Evil - 2001 Smell of Vengeance Part 1 Fiend Is Like Friend Without the 'r' Smell of Vengeance Part 2 1-4 is rated/received certificates of: UK:12 (some episodes)

Which one do you like Pes 2010 or FIFA 2010?

fifa 2010

What is FIFA 11 graffics like?

the same as all the other fifa's

Are there any games like FIFA superstars?

yes there is FIFA 13, FIFA manager 13 and football BOSS

Why does a 2001 S-10 smell moldy inside but no visible water leaks?

Some people say that the smell of hot antifreeze smells like mold. It could be possible you are smelling the antifreeze from the engine.