What did the Cherokee invent?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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I'm guessing they invented Lacrosse, since this question is in the lacrosse category.

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Q: What did the Cherokee invent?
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Who was a famous Cherokee leader and what did he invent?

Sequoyah the cherokee alphabet

What did sequoya decide to invent?

He "invented" the written version of the Tsalagi / Cherokee language; and alphabet if you will.

Did Cherokee Indians invent anything?

yes they actually invented the alphabet and cloths many people think that the romens or the egiptions created them but it was actually the amazing cherokee

What did Sequoyah invent?

Sequoyah invented a Cherokee alphabet of eighty-five or eighty-six characters that allowed every sound used in Cherokee communication to be written down. In 1821 Sequoyah demonstrated his invention before the Cherokee council, which approved his work.

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What did the cherokees indians invent?

The Cherokee Indians invented many things including tools and medicines. These people also invented things like hunting techniques for large animals.

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Can your baby be Cherokee Indian if the father is Cherokee Indian?

yes... If you are not a cherokee, or come from a cherokee backround then your baby will only half cherokee.

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