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they used a soccer ball

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Q: What did people use before the basketball to play basketball?
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What did people use for basketball hoops before basketball hoop?

They used peach baskets

Would you use to play a basketball game?

a basketball

What are proper ways to use basketball equipment?

The proper way to use basketball equipment is using it to play basketball.

What equipment did girls use to play basketball in the 1900s?

Basketball, basketball hoop, and a court.

Do you use your triceps to play basketball?


How can you use the word play in sentence?

go play outside. play basketball in the morning

How do you use generalisation in a sentence?

It is a generalization to say that tall people can play basketball well when, in fact, you need to be able to play well and if you're tall it is an advantage.

Where does Anthony batchelor play basketball?

use to play at Durham and no i dont know

3 things about basketball people don't know?

that they use a basketball

Do you use deodorant before you play a basketball game?

Absoluetely not! I don't owe opponents sweet smelling pits. My pits smell like pits are supposed to!

How does the Basketball Play Software work?

Basketball Play software allows coaches and players to draw up plays and use them in games and practices. This software is common in pro and college basketball, but is not necessary for casual teams.

What size basketball should a 9 year old girl use?

She needs to play netball not basketball. For gods sake your a girl play netball..............................(SIZE 4)

Use zeal in a sentence?

I have a lot of zeal for basketball, I play with passion.

What kind of equipment do you use for basketball?

All you need for basketball is two teams of eight people and two basketball hoops and a basketball The cloths to use in any game like some shorts and a tanktop

What sports did Austin mahone play?

He use to play football and he was going to try out for basketball in school but he started getting home schooled so now he just plays basketball for fun.

What sports do people play in Haiti?

yes they do play that but they also play sports like basketball, soccer, and volleyball some times they play other thing but u would have to resaerch it ---- some people play blagaball [blaj-ah-ball], its sort of like baseball, but you use an orange, any stick, and to get a home run, you have to break the orange ----

What are some action verbs you use to play basketball?


What are similarities and differences between basketball and volleyball?

They both use a ball, you score the same, most points scored win, and they're both played on a court...Basketball you use a hoop, you use a basketball, there is a bigger ball, and you have to block people....Volleyball there is a net, you use a volleyball, and you use a smaller ball...

What sports or games did you use to play in your childhood?

I used to play everything from basketball to football to soccer to swimming anything u can think of!

Which came first baseball or basketball?

While baseball was introduced to America in 1845, and Basketball in 1891, it is a tough question to answer. Ancient Incas use to play a game very smiliar to a combination of basketball and soccer called tlachtli.

Who uses enemas?

Lot's of people use them either b4 major surgery, for daily health reasons, before anal play, some use it for sexual as well,

What Equiptmemt do you need to play basketball?

Shoes, basketball, ankle braces (if u need them), mouthguard and any other objects you want to use to protect u.

What did James naismith use to play basketball?

he used 2 peach baskets and a soccer ball.

What did people use before people use before cell phones?

phone booths

How is volleyball and basketball alike?

Volleyball and basketball are alike because you use a round ball in both of the sports. Also, you play on a gym court in both of the sports. ~M