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you crake me up.
raise, call, or fold?

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Linnie Rosenbaum

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2y ago
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Q: What did one chip say to the other chip?
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What did one potato chip say to the othe potato chip?

"Shall we go for a dip?"

Does lays have the world's number one potato chip?

That depends on what type of chip you like. Joe might say yes but Steve might say no.

What did one potato chip say to the other?

you crake me up.raise, call, or fold?

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Chip one goes on the cookie where it says one. Chip 2 gies where it say 2, etc

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Silicon chip, micro-chip, integrated circuit

Does lays contain meat?

No, Lays do not contain meat and neither does any other potato chip flavor or chip except one type of Pringles.

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