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About his mom

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Q: What did mtisha confront slam about at the beginning of the chapter in slam by Walter dean Myers?
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Who is slams girlfriend in the book Slam?

slam`s girlfriend is Mtisha

Who told Mtisha Slam and Kicky were kissing?


Did mtisha and Greg break up in the book slam?

yes they did break up, but they get back together at the end. :)

What are the chapter summaries in Slam written by Walter Dean Myers?

The novel "Slam" by Walter Dean Myers is a story about an African American teenage athlete by the name of Greg. Greg is a highschool student and a star basketball player at his highschool. Greg is so good in basketball he earned the nickname "Slam." Greg lives in the ghettos of New York with his younger brother and mother. His best friend in the story is Benny 'Ice' Reese and his girlfriend is Mtisha. The problem Greg faces in the story is doing well in school, playing basketball to his best ability, and maintaining a good relationship with his girlfriend Mtisha. Greg has to make a decision whether he will take his moms advice and do well in school or go to a school across town that he knew he wouldn't fit in. Greg is only a highschool student but has a lot on his plate. Greg's neighborhood is filled with ghetto crime.

What is the climax of slam by Walter Dean Myers?

By now you should now that the main character is Greg Harris or Slam, who is on a basketball team at his highschool. The conclusion to the story Slam is that Latimer is in a championship game between Carver, and in the last thirteen seconds the team gets the ball to Slam and he takes it to the hoop for two. They won the game so after Slam goes over to Ice's house to party and they get in a fight because Slam asked Ice were he has been getting all this money. After that Slam gets real ticked off and leaves to go home. On his way there he runs into Mtisha his girl friend and they go over to his house. The next morning Slam goes to school and becomes the only black kid in school to the most popular and well respected kid ever because of his winning point.

What is the theme in Slam by Walter Dean Myers?

the main conflict of this book was greg "slam" getting his grades up, doing the best he can on the basketball court cause we all know he thinks hes got some seriouse game,which he does. Also for him to impress mitsha his girl

What are all the characters in slam?

The characters in Slam include major and minor individuals, as well as animals: 1. Slam (Greg Harris), Mavis Harris ( Mom) Dad, Derek, Grandmother Ellie, Akbar, Salty (the Pit Bull), Mr. Tate, Mr. Goldstein, Coach Nipper, Ducky. Jimmy Ellis, Nick Young, IBenny Reese (Ice) , Joe Crayton, Billy Giles, Mtisha, Mrs. Clark (Mitsha's Mother), Trip (basketball player) ,Marge (Slam's partner in the photo essay assignment), Karen (student) Mr. Penny (history teacher), Joe Ming, Charley, Movalli, Ritchie Randall (tutor), Bianca and Kicky (girls in the car), Miss Meade, Vicky (puerto Rican and fine), Mr. Parrish (video department chariman), Carl (owned a Curio Shop), Mrs. Ewing, Kenny Stith (played with Knicks and in Spain), Mr. Greene (math teacher), Sam (Owns Sam's Fish Box Resturant), Mrs Reese (Ice's Mother), Willie King (ex basketball player who fell into trouble), Abdul (a guy from the street), Tony Fornay (basketball player), Linda Yu, Latin and several other basketball players from various teams that Latimer played.