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he did triantholons

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Q: What did lance Armstrong do before becoming a pro bike rider?
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What is Lance Armstrong's career?

A rider in the tour de france

How did lance Armstrong improve bicycles?

He didn't. He's a rider, not an engineer.

Why is Lance Armstrong such a good bike rider?

Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France seven consecutive times, but his titles were stripped because he was doping.

Who was a famous bike rider who got injured?

Lance Armstrong broke a collarbone recently.

Why is lance Armstrong influential to others?

Because he's been a very successful rider.

Why did lance Armstrong title his book it's not about the bike?

Because a bike alone won't win a race. What matters is the rider.

Was lance Armstrong the best ever cyclist to win the tour de France?

Since the race is still being arranged we can't know if the future won't give us another rider even more dominant than Lance was.

What is the world record of the Tour de France?

Their cannot be a world record for the tour de france because the course changes every year. If you are asking what is the record for winning Le Tour de France the most it is held by Lance Armstrong who won it 7 times consecutivly from 1999-2005. And before anyone says Lance didn't win them he was on drugs all tours before him were won by drugs cheats, all the rider like Indurain, Pantani, Merckx were all on drugs, and yes it was illegal back then. So the Answer Is Lance Armstrong winning it 7 times.

What were the requirements for becoming a Rough Rider?

Excellence in horsemanship and marksmanship.

What are the requirements for becoming a motogp rider?

You must know to ride a bike..

If a rider is attached to a bill it must be introduced before what?

If a rider is attached to a bill it must be introduced before first reading.

What has the author Robert Rider written?

Robert Rider has written: 'Alto before the dawn'

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