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He wore #31

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Q: What did gerry Ellis wear for the Green Bay Packers?
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What number did Mark Brunell wear for the Green Bay Packers?

Mark Brunell wore #8 for the Green Bay Packers.

What is Green Bay Packers team colors?

The Packers colors are green and gold. Actually it's Green and Yellow. The New Orleans Saints, and the San Francisco 49ers are gold.

What number did noel jenke wear for the Green Bay Packers?


What color will the packers wear in 2011 super bowl?

The Packers wore their green jerseys with the yellow pants in Super Bowl XLV.

Will the packers wear green or white at the super bowl?

The Green Bay Packers are considered the home team for Super Bowl XLV. They will be wearing their green "home" uniforms, and the Pittsburgh Steelers will be wearing their "away" uniforms.

What jersey numbers did desmund howard wear for the Green Bay Packers?

He wore the number 81

What color will the packers wear in the super bowl?

Green and yellow. Those are the Green Bay Packer colors! They don't change colors.

What jersey will Green Bay Packers ware in the super bowl?

They're the home team, so they will wear their solid green jersey.

What color jerseys will Green Bay wear to Super Bowl 47?

The Green Bay Packers of the National Football Conference are the home team for Super Bowl XLV. They are likely to wear their green jerseys.

What color jersey will the packers wear to the Super Bowl?

they are the home team so the all green and yellow

Why do the packers wear yellow pants with uniform?

There colors are yellow and green......there jerseys are green and pants yellow..because there colors are those colors.

Who is the home team in Super Bowl XLIII what color jersey will the steelers be wearing?

Green Bay will be the home team. The Steelers will wear their white jerseys and the Packers will wear green jerseys.